6 Myths of Being Coached You Might Have Inside Your Mind

Coaching might look like an awkward, intimidating experience if you never went through coaching sessions. I selected six possible myths that might be haunting your mind and stopping you from benefiting from coaching sessions to debunk.

The first myth is that a coach is someone who is the master of the universe and will demand that you need to change your ways. First of all, coaches are ordinary people that went through specialized training and instruction. While there's nothing extraordinary about becoming a coach, there's something that makes coaching really cool. It's the fact that coaches carefully and respectfully listen with the best intentions in helping, not by imposing solutions but by nurturing a healthy relationship that creates an ambiance for the client to come up with solutions. I won't show up in a session to offer a "client transformation kit" that includes solutions that "I'm sure will work perfectly for you" and habit-changing recipes for success. Don't worry.

The second myth is that a coach is someone that will demand you to sign up for an impossible mission. While it's true that I help you co-design an action plan, I don't get to decide your goals and, consequently, the effort and dedication required for you to achieve them. You do. Additionally, I help you create SMART goals, leaving almost no room for you to develop unattainable, unrealistic goals.

The third myth is that a coach is someone hired to judge you and blame you for your past actions. Judging you for previous actions and making you feel guilty is a very ineffective approach to help you, so there's no reason for me to stick with that. And there's something even more interesting you might not know. Besides not engaging in this attitude, I also look out for my clients to prevent them from entering this danger zone. So, no reason here to fear this one.

Two friend chating while lying on a car trunk.
A coaching session can - and should - happen in a fun, high energy setting.

The fourth myth is that a coach is someone who will ask embarrassing questions about you. Coaching only works after establishing an alliance between the client and the coach. The main goal of the coalition is that by creating an honest relationship based on trust, we're more resourceful and capable of benefiting the client. In this relationship, there's no space for this type of selfish and damaging attitude. Also, we follow a strict code of ethics that clearly states our core values and ethical principles.

The fifth myth is that coaching is only for people that are mentally messed up. I hope this doesn't come into your mind when you think of coaching. First, because this mindset opens the door to bias and prejudice, which is a dreadful path for you to follow. Secondly, it's absolutely untrue. Coaching is about helping someone realize how beautiful one is. The mindblowing potential that every single human being has. How powerful your ideas can become when you stop and dedicate some time to know your feelings, thoughts, and listen to your body. It means longing for becoming a better version of you. Not comparing you to others or going into therapy. It's moving forward, towards a direction you get to choose.

The last myth I've selected is that coaches know the truth about everything and will brag about that. I will always be a coaching apprentice. I'll never stop learning. Therefore, there will always be something that I don't know about. And, yes, I will make mistakes because I'm human just like you are. But I cherish our alliance and always be open with you. Egos are just not welcomed in coaching sessions.

How about you? Do you have any other myths related to coaching? Let me know in the comments below.