The Power of Disconnecting

It has become common sense that we all need to disconnect once and a while to lead a mindful and happier life. But for many people, there is still a gap between realizing that something needs to be done and taking action. In this text, I want to positively influence you to take action by showing how powerful it is to spend some time disconnected from technology. Also, I'm going to offer simple and straightforward suggestions to empower the unique human being inside of you in exploring the benefits of a more mindful existence.

First, let's start by clarifying how important your mental health is by comparing it to brushing your teeth. Imagine staying one entire week without it. Does that feel bearable for you? Most people probably would disagree with doing this. So, how should we endure life without mental hygiene if we can't even hold a week without cleaning our teeth? Taking care of our mental health is as important as taking care of our physical health. Therefore, we need to brush our minds too. The easiest way to do this is by removing both negative emotions and distractions. The following two methods accomplish this goal by making you step away from technology (disconnecting from all the distractions that pop up on our devices) and by making you reconnect with yourself.

Someone meditating
The best way to see the world is thru our eyes, not thru screens.

Stop (somewhere you can feel the good vibrations)

Go somewhere nice and quiet. By quiet, I mean no sound of motorized vehicles or people hustling and chattering. Ideally, choose to go into nature. You can go alone or with someone you enjoy hanging out with, and also needs to disconnect. Don't forget to check the weather forecast and take all the necessary precautions, depending on where and how long you intend to stay. Take your phone with you - it could be helpful during an emergency - but turn off your phone when you arrive and enjoy moments of silence. Hiking and Fishing are excellent activities to help you calm down. Be careful not to get lost or injured. You can use the opportunity to meditate. Find somewhere a safe spot to sit down. Don't close your eyes. Keep your attention to what's happening around you. The goal here is to observe and breathe deeply. Also, take a moment to contemplate the beautiful colors and to listen to the sounds of nature. Let your mind rest, staying as long as you feel safe and comfortable.

Go Organic (with your habits for a day)

Set aside an entire day to stay away from tech at your home. Take the time to organize and clean the place. Listen to good instrumental music. If you have any collections (stickers, stamps, etc..), maybe it would be the time to rediscover your hidden treasures. Cook some comfort food for dinner and lunch. Avoid distractions (no computers, phones, and TV). Pick a calm ambient like your garden or a quiet bedroom. Just sit down. You don't need to make any effort. Pay no attention to your wandering mind, and it will eventually calm down. The main goal for your day is to do everything organically while concentrating on each task. That means committing to no digital assignments. No computers. No smartphones. No fast food. Crafting your way throughout the day allows you to reconnect to yourself and become insightful.

These simple methods are powerful, but just as taking care of your teeth, you build a new habit to see any results. Be patience. In the end, staying some time away from technology and reconnecting with yourself will definitely be worth it. Are you ready to lead a more mindful and happier life?