We Go Beyond

A glimpse into how we use digital safety, calm technology, and digital wellness to go beyond coaching you and providing consulting services.

Our coaching sessions go beyond helping our clients in finding their way through tech. After we guide you in finding your solution, we offer a consulting service that recommends products that went through an independent and exclusive evaluation and can support you in achieving your goals.

Our consultancy package, dedicated to small businesses, analyzes processes and infrastructure options and helps create a competitive advantage with a high return on investment.

Digital Safety is a self-awareness mindset that applies risk management techniques to protect tech users from technology's hidden risks. Unclear terms of use, questionable privacy policies, data leaks, and expected end-of-life of support are some of the elements we analyze.

Some products and services use persuasive design to influence how much time you spend using them and may potentially disrupt your digital habits. We are prepared to raise your awareness, and so you can take back control.

We also refer to Calm Technology design principles because we want you to feel more human when using technology. It means caring for you, making respectful use of your attention.

We see fantastic opportunities to use technology happening around us. They empower humans to be better humans in opposition to making humans act like robots or become hardware and software specialists.

We also embrace Digital Wellness as a paramount value to our clients because, in this post-digital era, there is no point in using time-consuming, emotionally detrimental solutions that make us feel overwhelmed and curb our productivity.

By inspiring our work in these timeless concepts, we're ready to guide our clients in the right direction.

We believe that you shouldn't adapt to any technology solution, it should adapt to you.

People will always be first for us.