What's up?

I teach Portuguese to digital nomads that want to dive into the Brazillian culture while working from Brazil.

What Inspires Me

I was born to help people live better. I excel in the art of listening and guiding people, providing an environment that allows them to become better human beings and empower themselves with the right dose of technology.

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My Values


I value our relationship.


I'm dedicated to creating a real positive impact on your daily life.


I will always seek the best experience for you.


I want to see you happy with our relationship.

About Me

Sergio Wanderley

Language Tutor

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Sergio has more than 20 years of experience with technology. He loves culture, languages, and intelligent use of technology. He is a graduate from Consciously Digital, one of the global leaders in digital wellbeing training, and a pioneer in digital wellbeing training in the UK and Europe.

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