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We empower young adults to find solutions to thrive.

Specialized Coaching

A program carefully crafted to help you achieve quick wins. 

Integrated Consulting

Get personalized product recommendations in line with your goals.

What Inspires Us

We were born to help people live better. We root our process on the art of listening to people, providing an ambiance that allows them to evaluate the best solutions, and empower themselves with the right amount of technology.

Diversity Students

“Success and happiness belong to people who can control their attention.“ - Nir Eyal

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“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.“ - Miles Davis

Beyond Coaching

About Our Coaching Program

We are entering a new post-digital era where the need to take back control of our attention and manage our time effectively will be an indispensable part of successful people’s skill sets.

With research now connecting attention disorders and time management issues to excessive use of technology by young adults with a significant impact on academic performance, our coaching program may be the right fit for you.

Who can benefit from our program?  Young college students (age 18 to 25) that are having trouble to focus and to achieve uninterrupted attention while performing tasks and are also struggling with time management.

Still not sure if you can benefit from the program? You can take this test to know how you're managing your attention.

What skills will you develop? 


You will learn how to create and apply a customized plan to restore your attention.

- You will learn the best way to manage your time.

- You will learn how to set your goals and create a plan to achieve them.

What is different about our program for other coaching programs that exist out there? We include a consulting service that uses an innovative assessment method for recommending only the best tech tools to assist you in meeting your goals.


How long does it take? The program consists of eight weekly online sessions plus additional follow up sessions requested by the client.

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“Teenagers plus heavy screen time equals ADHD? - ProQuest.” https://search.proquest.com/openview/29ee459b388d96791c6d3b06ca733526/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=34319 (accessed Aug. 04, 2020).

S. Siddiqi and Z. A. Memon, “Internet Addiction Impacts on Time Management That Results in Poor Academic Performance,” in 2016 International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT), Dec. 2016, pp. 63–68, doi: 10.1109/FIT.2016.020.


"Companies focused on human beings and the dramatic search for our survival on this planet will be the only ones to prosper in the near future."

Beyond Consulting

About our consulting package

A package dedicated to small business owners with a young and innovative spirit who are pursuing the following goals:

  • Reduce and keep technology-related costs low.

  • Simplify processes to increase efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Implement values ​​consistent with a humane tech company.

With the new world scenario, consumers are increasingly aware of how technology affects their lives and, therefore, much more demanding when choosing products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a survey conducted in the USA identified some of these changes in consumer habits:

  • Focus on function (that is, purchasing behavior driven by the category's availability and type of benefit, rather than by brand preference).

  • Increased interest in brands that combine functional performance with prosocial behavior by their headquarters.

  • Loss of interest in status-oriented purchases that have strong components of conspicuous consumption (that is, items that are consumed/displayed publicly).

  • Interest in how the companies behind the brands are treating their employees.

These changes bring new opportunities and challenges for small businesses.

Who can benefit from our program? Young small business owners who want to develop ideas that will contribute to stable and sustainable business growth in the long term.

What will be analyzed?

- We will analyze and recommend infrastructure solutions.

- We will study and suggest improvements to the processes.
​- We will discuss how you can integrate humane tech values ​​into the company and product offered to clients.

What's different about our package? In addition to more than 20 years of experience in the IT infrastructure area, we have specialized training in ​​technology's intelligent use.

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JK Dollens Richard Ettenson, Patrick Lynch, and Joseph, “Growth Opportunities for Brands During the COVID-19 Crisis,” MIT Sloan Management Review. https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/growth-opportunities-for-brands-during-the-covid-19-crisis/ (accessed Oct. 07, 2020).

Our Values


We value the relationship with you.


We're dedicated to creating a real positive impact on your daily life.


We always seek the best experience for you.


We want to see you happy with our relationship.

Meet the Team

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Sergio Wanderley

Tech Mentor and Coach

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Sergio has more than 20 years of experience with technology. He is an advocate of calm technology, digital safety, and intelligent use of technology. He is a graduate from Consciously Digital, one of the global leaders in digital wellbeing training, and a pioneer in digital wellbeing training in the UK and Europe.